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Classic Menu Windows 7
  Autór: Vitaly Cashev

This is another classic start menu in the Windows 7 Style!

Tamaño: 80 Kb
Descargas: 51609
Comentarios: 4
Valoración: 6.33



Classic Menu
  Autór: Vitaly Cashev

Classic menu for Windows - for all astoneers seeking simplicity. There were so many requests, that we decided to provide you with the old good XP-style menu.
Recommended for Windows7 users who do not have ability to apply the classic menu they have become so used to.

Tamaño: 70 Kb
Descargas: 22124
Comentarios: 1
Valoración: 9.00



DJ Hero
  Autór: krstatzar

Enjoy in DJ Hero inspired skin for Aston2 Menu
Aston2 Shell theme coming soon.
Have Fun!

Tamaño: 122 Kb
Descargas: 52197
Comentarios: 3
Valoración: 6.00



  Autór: krstatzar

Mocha coffee style for all coffee lovers out there,
Matching Aston2 Theme coming soon

Tamaño: 223 Kb
Descargas: 43413
Comentarios: 4
Valoración: 8.33



Windows 7 clone
  Autór: Vitaly Cashev & krstatzar

Vitaly Cashev and krstatzar on Windows 7 mission. This the first instalment full skin for Aston 2 is coming soon.

We have tried really hard to make it look as genuine as possible.

Have look at larger screenshot here >>
With Aston2 Menu you can have the Windows 7 look even on XP :)

Tamaño: 99 Kb
Descargas: 56582
Comentarios: 9
Valoración: 9.13



  Autór: Vitaly Cashev

Multicolor theme.

Tamaño: 2.25 Mb
Descargas: 56213
Comentarios: 8
Valoración: 8.75



Playboy (For Aston2 Menu)
  Autór: krstatzar

I had this idea brewing for quite a while but finally it is here.
It has 2 modes full and simple.

This skin would not be possible without Gillian Riley Lepisto who made fantastic pinup styled girl I used in this skin. Once again I would like to thank her a lot for letting me use it. She is amazing designer you should check and see what I am talking about.

Read more about this skin creation process here

Full size screenshot

Have fun enjoy!
Panel skin coming soon....hopefully

Tamaño: 309 Kb
Descargas: 78408
Comentarios: 18
Valoración: 7.82



  Autór: Vitaly Cashev