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Gothic Future
  Author: Vitaly Cashev

A lot of animation makes it a fantastic skin, especially if you want to enjoy all the advantages of the new Aston2 engine.

Size: 936 Kb
Downloads: 96712
Comments: 19
Rating: 9.63


Date: 12.26.2007
Name: krstatzar
Rate: 10

You rule Vitaly :) Great skin!

Date: 12.28.2007
Name: Mark edison flores

its very nice to plae this in the internet

Date: 01.27.2008
Name: erick reyes
Rate: 10

Is very good, I never see algo tan bien hecho.

Date: 02.03.2008
Name: Alan
Rate: 10

this looks amazing...
but i don't know how to use it...
if anyone could write me an e-mail it would be nice... thanks

Date: 02.04.2008


Date: 02.22.2008
Name: Nuje
Rate: 8

Some very detailed work displayed here.

Date: 03.09.2008
Name: richard
Rate: 10

very good

Date: 09.16.2008
Rate: 10


Date: 10.15.2008
Rate: 8

so amazing !

Date: 02.08.2009
Name: ankit solanki
Rate: 10


Date: 03.22.2009
Name: sek2000
Rate: 8


Date: 06.11.2009
Name: dbear
Rate: 10

I've said it before, I'm sure I'll say it many times again - Vitaly Cashev is a freakin' GENIUS!

The animation on this menu is fantastic and fits perfectly with the artwork style. Great job!

Date: 03.10.2010
Name: alhad
Rate: 10


Date: 05.03.2010
Rate: 10

top skin i'm new to this site and think it is great well done to all :):)

Date: 05.11.2010
Name: junot
Rate: 10

I like this, sound + great themes..

Date: 09.02.2010
Name: Canuck50
Rate: 10

I am new to Aston-menu and have been browsing page by page. This is by the far the best skin I have yet to see. It will take a lot of work to beat this one. Good luck to any who try! My girlfriend is a goth and she is going to flip out when she see's it. Keep up the great work.

Date: 11.08.2010
Name: KuroiNOryuu
Rate: 10

Excellent theme, but it is too little.
If he had been bigger, it would have been perfect.

Date: 11.09.2011
Name: juan carlos

estan exelentes is so beatiful

Date: 12.29.2011
Name: aston2menu
Rate: 10

I love it but the noise is annoying.But everything else is awesome, its beautiful,awesome,cool,genius, and excellent!!! great work.

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